Who is Playstar?

The online casino is centered on the player’s experience and understanding their preferences on a personal level.

Get better acquainted with PlayStar

PlayStar casino has strived to give a unique experience to its players. In fact, their mantra is based on making players the star of the show. This is engraved in the playing experience, the seamless platform, and having one-on-one interaction with players.

The CEO, Per Hellberg, and his able-bodied company run a tight ship that ensures players always come first. The casino is created by former players and professionals that have been in the online casino world for years. They understand the gap that exists in the industry—personalized gaming.

Players should feel like they make up an integral part of a happy community that cares about their experiences. From the moment the players enter the PlayStar casino, they can expect a warm welcome from the friendly staff.

The customer support that would normally be available for the selected few in other casinos can be experienced by all players on PlayStar. Players can connect with the dedicated customer service staff through live chat or email 24 hours a day. Players can always say hello—they don’t bite.

PlayStar is operated under PlayStar NJ LLC. The casino also partnered with Maxima Compliance that has years of experience in the iGaming industry. Their team will work alongside PlayStar to create a pleasant gaming environment for players.