PlayStar’s bespoke casino slots

PlayStar offers among the most sought-after casino slots. Players should be aware of the characteristics of online slots and how games are created to be fair every time. Online casino slots have in many ways revolutionized how online casinos operate in comparison to traditional ones. These fully mechanical slots originated in land-based casinos and used the recognizable lever that physically turned the reels. The slots were fondly named the one-armed bandit. Today, online and land-based casinos use electronic slot machines.

Experience the Thrill of a Lifetime

They function differently but guarantee the thrill of a lifetime, whether on mobile or computer. These slots now use algorithms to stop the reels and send signals back and forth between the casino’s server and the slot game.

A Random Number Generator (RNG) is used to ensure each game is completely fair and that the reels stop at random. This is heavily audited by third parties to ensure that games are fair and cannot be rigged.

Playstar casino slots

Getting to Grips with RTP

Players might find different games have their unique Return To Player (RTP) percentages. What does this mean for the player? The RTP percentage is required by law to be on full display and can be found under each game. The RTP refers to the rate at which a player’s return is calculated. This percentage is based on the possible amount that will be returned to the user as they continue to play.

Another key aspect of slots is volatility. Players can choose to play on high or low volatility slots. High volatility slots can have high payouts less frequently while low volatility slots may have lower payouts at more frequent intervals.

Playstar free casino slots
Playstar free casino slots
Playstar free casino slots

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Experience PlayStar’s casino slots with bonuses

If you have not experienced casino slots with bonuses, then you are in for a treat. Slot bonuses are awarded within the game while playing or as part of a bonus package. Depending on the bonus unlocked, players can be sure of getting a thrill from uncovering bonuses playing slots. Bonuses are activated by matching combinations on the slot reels. They can award free spins, symbol multipliers, and much more. There is no need to download casino slots, just open the site to play!


Unlock Free spins

Free spins bonuses are complimentary spins awarded to the player without having to deposit to qualify to play. Free spins can be won on the Video Slots by collecting symbols that unlock free spins or by landing on a winning combination with bonuses presented in the reels. Free spins can also be awarded to players as part of a bonus package.

Welcome bonus

Most welcome bonuses include free spins as part of a start-up package for players. These spins can be used in the specified slot games.

Deposit bonus

The free spins can also be awarded as part of the first deposit bonus that is unlocked after the first deposit is made or after reloading your account.

Seasonal offers

Occasionally, free spins form part of seasonal promotions. These spins will have their own set of conditions such as the games to use them on or the minimum wagering requirements.

Cash bonus

Other than playing casino slots for free, players can enjoy getting real cashback in their pockets. Cash bonuses give players real money to use on slots and the bonus money can be withdrawn together with the winnings, provided they comply with the Terms and Conditions.

Download PlayStar for free to enjoy casino slot games

Players get the option to download the PlayStar app that allows you to play casino slots on your smartphone. Gone are the days that players had to set a time to go to a land-based casino to play their favorite games. Now players have the option of playing from their desktop or by playing on the move with mobile.

The casino app lets players win real money from any of the registered US states. Game providers have modified the same games that players find on the desktop to those that can be played on mobile. The high-quality graphics, crystal clear audio, and responsive animations are some of the key features members can find with mobile games.

The application is free to download from any of the app stores for Android and Apple users. There are hundreds of games accessible through the app, provided there is a stable internet connection. Just like the online casino, players get to wager on the desired games and withdraw winnings right from their mobile device. Players can also enjoy the free play feature on mobile games.

PlayStar online casino free bonus no deposit 1-min (4)

Megaways slots

These are simply slots that include the Megaways stamp of approval. It was an add-on mechanism created by Australian developers under the Megaways brand. With time, more slot games have integrated the Megaways design. Currently, there are over 100,000 Megaways slots. “Megaways” are calculated and listed at the top of the game while a player is playing. The number of Megaways is automatically added up and displayed after every spin. The number represents the paylines that are actively generated by each spin. This figure is calculated by multiplying the number of symbols on the first reel by the symbols on the second reel. The total is then multiplied by the next reel. An accumulation of Megaways leads to more potential returns.
PlayStar online casino free bonus no deposit 1-min (5)

Video slots

Video slot machines are the slots that would typically be found in a traditional land casino but a digital form. For these kinds of slots, there is no physical spin of the reels but rather an animation of the reels spinning. Behind the rotation is an algorithm that is running, generating numbers, and the reels will stop at a particular combination shown on the digital screen. These tend to have multiple paylines of even up to 100 lines. Paylines can be in the traditional horizontal lines, coupled with diagonal and zigzag lines. A win is when three or more symbols align. Different symbols hold different values that players can find in the game menu.
PlayStar online casino free bonus no deposit 1-min (6)

Progressive slots

These are the slots that link players from all over the world with one goal in mind, winning the ultimate jackpot. Similar to the workings of a regular slot, the progressive slot offers a jackpot that players from all over the US can partake in. For every game played, a portion of the bet placed is added to the jackpot total. The amount will keep increasing until the winning spin secures the jackpot prize. The accumulated jackpot amount is displayed on the thumbnail of the game on the website. The counter can also be seen at the top of the game when being played and is updated in real-time. The slots that house the jackpots are between 3 and 5-reel slot games.
PlayStar online casino free bonus no deposit 1-min (7)

3 Reel slots

In the past, slots were designed with 3 reels and with a much simpler logic. The idea was that the lever was pulled and the 3 reels would spin. A win would be considered when three symbols align horizontally on the reels. The 3-reel slots are still a fan favorite and can be found in online casinos. They are presented similarly to a physical slot machine that you would find in a land casino. With the progression of reels, players can find 5-reel slots as a more popular choice among the gaming community members. The advantage of having the two additional reels is that players have a higher probability to win. 5-reel slots have bonuses integrated into the game.

FAQs on Playstar free casino slots

  • Are casino games fair?

    The games under the PlayStar casino are created to be fair. The games use a Random Number Generator that allows for each spin of the reels to be unique from the previous or the next spin. The game providers are vetted by external companies to ensure all standards are met.

  • Who are the game providers?

    The game providers have had many years of experience in the iGaming sector and bring only the best games to the table. They have created games compatible with mobile and desktop. Some of these professional curators that players can find in PlayStar are Evolution, RedTiger, NetEnt, and SG Digital.

  • Do I have to register to play for free?

    No. Registration is a fast and simple process. However, gamers can practice playing any games offered on the online casino without depositing cash. To participate with real money, the player will be required to create an account—it is worth it.

  • How can I play with free spins?

    Free spins are an incentive given to registered members as part of a bonus or during tournaments. This allows players to spin the reels without using any of their funds. Winnings are in real money and can be withdrawn provided that the wagering terms and conditions are met.

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