Fun is at hand with PlayStar casino mobile

Now that everything happens remotely, PlayStar casino mobile is right on the mark with all your gaming entertainment available on your mobile device. Don’t waste a minute entering the portal for great games, even better customer support, and fantastic bonuses!

Raising the bar with PlayStar for mobile

PlayStar created a fun-filled website catering to your every need, and for their mobile platform, all the stops are pulled out, raising the bar to present you with PlayStar for mobile.


Android is in the mix

Great games were designed for Android. However, the mobile casino games at PlayStar are compatible with all devices across the board, and it is up to the player to use the website or download the app.

Rating: 4/5


iOS is my choice

It does not matter whether a new member is an Android or iOS fan because with the support software from PlayStar, playing Gonzo’s Quest will deliver the same treasures.

Rating: 4/5


The Windows operating system  is not left behind

With the three phone systems being very similar, if looking at the end product (interface, app development, and security), it is possible to reach PlayStar through a browser or app via Windows.

Rating: 4/5

PlayStar mobile casino games – have some fun

Apple and Android count in the major leagues for downloading apps or playing PlayStar mobile casino games. iOS is always the first to have a new app, Android close behind, with Windows also making the scene. More importantly, PlayStar will run on all cylinders!

Playstar casino mobile

Get started with PlayStar mobile casino login

You can use any browser for your PlayStar casino login by accessing Find the sign-up button and do your thing; click it!


Step 1 – Did you click on Sign-up?

If you’ve clicked on Sign-up, you should now be on the page to register. Here you can fill out the required details. Yes, yours, not your aunt’s name. Cool beans!


Step 2 – Is the form completed?

After completing the registration form, you will be able to log into your new account, choose a game and start to play. To deposit, you will have to log into your bank and supply the details.


Step 3 – Did you win?

Mazel Tov! If you did not follow through with the next step by supplying proof of your identity, address, and bank details, you would need to send these documents for verification before making a withdrawal.

PlayStar mobile casino slots – your ticket to freedom

While you can test the merchandise with the demos in the games’ library, it is not harmful to scan the internet for popular game titles. Tip: search games by the game providers available for PlayStar mobile casino slots.

New and tested

The list of new games will give gamers an idea of what to search for, but other intelligent options are to look at the RTP and to decide on the volatility you are after.

Popular on-demand

Following the crowd is another option, and this is quickly done by finding games in the Popular section – some good suggestions here!

At the table and live

Table games and live casino gaming by Evolution gaming are available on mobile. If you are playing with a bonus, remember to check the percentage towards wagering requirements on these options.

Playstar mobile casino games

I’m ready. Let’s Play!


PlayStar mobile casino bonus – the same value for money

Whether you like moving in the slow or the fast lane, a PlayStar mobile casino bonus can come in handy to recharge your casino account. This gives you time to learn the game, have some fun at the table, and to check out different options. Not to mention the extra opportunity to play with way more free spins.


Welcome! Bem vindo! Bienvenue!

If it is your first time, you will be pleased to know that you can start with cash from the casino and only need to pay the minimum deposit.

Deposit bonuses as loyalty rewards

Staying loyal to PlayStar comes with unique rewards in that you, as the player, will often get a mobile casino bonus for making deposits.

Matching your deposit with a match bonus

If you have more to spare, PlayStar will meet you halfway with a Match Bonus. How? With equal bonus cash back into your account!

The golden buzzer spits out Free spins

Keep one eye on the home page and one on campaigns to see when there are free spins up for grabs.

PlayStar online mobile casino games travel with you

PlayStar mobile casino slots match the primary website with four hundred game titles. Here you can play various games to your heart’s desire grouped for your convenience in several categories to choose your particular delight.

They are so popular because they are so lovely!

Mobile casino slots can be popular because they pay out often. Players like the visuals, prizes are significant, and players usually like Cleopatra as a scantily clad cartoon warrior!


Popping in to see the latest game by Playtech can be as satisfying as playing an old vintage slot by NetEnt. The choice should be yours.

Jolly old Jackpot

Who can resist a jackpot slot? The anticipation of winning a big one is about as exciting as watching the reels spin in Mega Moolah! Tip: Go for smaller jackpots that pay out more.

Table games are ever the favorite

Table games have come into their own with iconic tables and fancy variations designed by the game providers.

PlayStar online casino

PlayStar online casino

PlayStar online casino

Hold’em Texas
PlayStar online casino

PlayStar online casino


PlayStar – your champion US casino!

There is no denying that online casinos popped up like Porcinis under Pine trees in the last decade. Finding the right one can have one losing your marbles. What to look for, where to start, where the best games are, and who to believe, anyway? Or you can take my word for that PlayStar is a champion!

I want to play for FREE!


PlayStar mobile casino benefits

When looking at the benefits of playing games on mobile, an obvious one is that you don’t have to be glued to a desk. But don’t you love the fact that you can have a tea break at work and put the Vikings to the test in the game Vikings go to hell. Burn, brother!


Maybe you don’t have a laptop

While one might think everyone has a laptop, it would be stupid to think all Arabians own a camel. Owning a phone is more readily available to everybody, and voila, you have games; better yet, you have PlayStar!

Playtime while commuting

Many people use public transport (hopefully not a camel), and what can be better than playing a game or six on the way? Sign up with PlayStar, and you will get a whole banquet of bonuses with which to start.

Blue screen benefits

I know this is a strange concept, but casino games can help you stay awake, keeping you relaxed and energized at the same time with added blue light from your phone. Do you see? I kid you not!

PlayStar mobile games

With advanced technology, nifty features are available on your phone, like drag, swipe, and switch, and can be used in your mobile casino games. This is one of the reasons it is convenient to download the mobile app.



The name says it all, but if in doubt, this is where you will find games by popular demand. Tip: Check out the winner notices where you can also see which games payout often.


Not that we thought there could be another game called Tarzan, but when you think you’ve seen the last of the half-naked man swinging through the trees, another invention called Tarzan can see the light. Don’t miss it!


With the highly competitive gaming industry, game providers come up with grand schemes to keep gamers engaged. Jackpot slots are one of those, and we don’t mind the opportunity to win enough money to kiss the boss goodbye.

Table Games

The good news is you can count the cards in Blackjack. The bad news is they don’t only use one deck. Next, the good news is you can use skills for poker, and the bad news is it is still a game of luck.

Live Casino

For a night out on the town without having to put a foot out the door, you can play at your favorite casino online, talk to strangers and the croupier, and enjoy endless entertainment in winter without facing boredom. Whisky, anyone?

Who is behind the scenes? PlayStar mobile game providers

Behind every strong man is a strong woman. Behind every grand casino are some strong game providers. We take a look at why PlayStar chose these companies.

games provider logo

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is tops when it comes to live dealers. They have also been around the block, got the T-shirt, and have the right to wear it.

games provider logo

Red Tiger

With Daily Drop jackpots, progressive Super Drop Jackpots, and Hourly Drop Jackpots, if it is a bigger chance in higher payouts you dream of, Red Tiger is the one to watch.

games provider logo


Everi saw three of its slot products come out tops in four categories at the third annual EKG Slot Awards. Not too shabby for a new provider.

games provider logo

High 5

H5G is the largest independent gaming company globally and has 450+ games in its library played in over fifty countries and across six continents.

games provider logo


With more than 5,900 employees, Playtech means business and is blowing smoke up nobody’s backside when it claims to be a leading brand for casino gaming and sports betting.


Slots + Binge = Slingo! But the company also does innovative creations for slots and casino games. So, there you have it, Slingo! Ding-credible. Check it out.

games provider logo


Parent to Red Tiger, this company boasts years of gaming provision with top-quality design and is one of the pioneers in online gaming.

games provider logo


DGC’s portfolio is pretty cool and so are their games. They have been in the picture since 2014 and have delivered a continuous flow of digital casino content.

PlayStar mobile FAQ

  • Can I use the same login details for mobile and PC?

    Your mobile casino login details are accepted for PC and smartphone. Tip: don’t save your password if little Johnny can play on it. You’ll be surprised at the abilities of a three-year-old!

  • Can I give grandma my bonus?

    No, it will be better if grandma has her own bonus as your bonus can not be carried over to anybody else, even dear old grandma.

  • Can I get two welcome bonuses?

    You will get a fantastic welcome bonus. No, Johnny, you cannot have two! But you will get other amazing offers on the way forward. Did you see that: it is called the sandwich effect!

  • Can I send my verification documents from my phone?

    Yes, you can. Take pictures of both sides if there is information on both, and use your camera to send the documents in no time.

  • Can I sign up from a different country by using a VPN?

    Unfortunately not, as your verification documents will give you away! Sorry Dude, but watch this space; maybe in the future, PlayStar will have an online casino near you!

The ultimate player experience